McDoxie's Dogs 
Lindsey ~  mcdoxiesmt@gmail.com (406) 638-1276
We have 3 Girls in our Breeding Program.
They are beloved family members!
Introducing........Dixie, Sugar and Susie Q.
We "borrow" males from other breeders in the area
to be the sires to our puppies. 
DIXIE is a Black&Tan Longhair Girl.
She carries cream. Her Grandsire is an
AKC Champion. Born July 2017.
SUGAR is a Red "Tuxedo" Piebald. (4 white feet, chest, belly, muzzle, and white tipped tail) She carries cream.  Born June 2017
SUSIE Q is our youngest girl. She is a unique looking girl that is a Cream Dapple & Brindle that carries Piebald. Born May 2018.
Dixie and Sugar as puppies
Sugar and Susie Q napping together.