"REGULAR/BASE PRICE" Is Usually $600
for PET PUPPIES with AKC Limited Papers.
**Dapples, Brindles, Piebalds, and Creams 
are priced at $650 **

The PET PRICE is a REDUCED PRICE in order to help you with
the cost of spaying or neutering. 

**FULL AKC is $150 MORE**
Availalbe to Breeders with a small program
and complimentary dogs. 

  A Non-Refundable Deposit of $200 will hold
your chosen puppy until it is ready to go to your home.
Puppies cannot leave until they are 8-9 weeks old.
McDOXIES Puppies come with a 12 MONTH HEALTH WARRANTEE (As a CREDIT of the purchase price of the puppy towards another puppy of the same sex from a future litter) if your McDoxie puppy is diagnosed with a Terminal hereditary or congenital defect by 1 year old.
We can take back, or assist you with placement, if you are ever unable to keep your doxie! PLEASE DO NOT EVER SURRENDER YOUR DOXIE TO A SHELTER just because you can no longer keep it!

We are dedicated to raising healthy and socialized dachshunds at reasonable prices, without compromising the quality or the care of our dogs!.

If you are interested in a future puppy....
Please send me an email. Remember that your email is your first introduction to me.  I like to hear about your home, family, and other dachshunds in your life!
                                                                                   ~Lynzee McVey
Our girls are still growing up, so there won't be any puppies
until about Spring 2019.
Check this local site:
to see if they have puppies available.
McDoxie's Puppies
Lynzee McVey